Mastering English, Is It Important?


There are about 7.000 languages which used almost 1000.000.000 native speaker in the world, very big number. We cannot master all languages, can we? So how if everyone speak in different languages? Of course we cannot understand each other. We need a language to communicate with others, which can be understood. We could use English because English has become an international language, it is very important for us to master English.

There are many education resources in English that have not translated yet in Indonesia. If someone cannot understand what it is, will be very poor. When the other students busy with their international resources that quite complete, those who cannot understand English still just used their blunt books. It is not good for student development. They should learn English in order to be foremost.

Then, Indonesia is a beautiful country, where has beach, mountain, river, and the other beauty nature.  We cannot tell about the beauty of Indonesia to the world if we use Bahasa. As we know, tourism can be one of the biggest contributor to state revenue, so tourism has to be one of the concerned thing. English will help us to promote this potency, to attract tourist from the other country come to Indonesia.

We also know, work competition has become something high and higher then. Since 1 January 2016, ASEAN Economic Community in Indonesia have been enacted. The consequence is Southeast Asia will become a unitary region market and production base. With the unity market and production base, the flow of services, investment, large amounts of capital and skilled labor become no barrier from one to another in the region of Southeast Asia. If you decide to be just an ordinary person, your day will be hard. You could be defeated by other Indonesian laborer, morover those who come from another country. People from another country, if they life in Indonesia usually could speak English, so they can communicate about their work skill well, will become more value to them. We must not be lose in our own country, shameful, right? So, beside should work hard in every conditions, we should master English too.

English becomes important language. Many resources in English have not yet translated in Indonesia, there are many potency of tourism in Indonesia that should promoted using English, then we should not be defeated in our own country. So, it is very clear that mastering English have to be one of our priority.

Drink Coffee and Tea Everyday



Coffee and tea have become something very common in Indonesia. These usually drink before start the activity, to serve the guests, when doing an extra time job, or relaxation time. There are some people who drink coffee or tea everyday. A major question to be considered is whether coffee and tea are safe to drink everyday.

There is caffeine contained in coffee and tea. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) describes caffeine as both a drug and a food additive; it is used in prescription and OTC medicines to treat tiredness, drowsiness, and to improve the effect of some pain relievers. Some believed that coffee and tea dangerous because contain caffeine.

True, in heavy daily use, more than 500-600 milligrams caffeine a day may cause side effects such as diarrhea, dizziness, insomnia, fast heartbeat, muscle tremors, nervousness, stomach upset, nausea and irritability. Large use of caffeine in woman during pregnancy may cause problems with the heart rhythm of the fetus. But it is very clear that all excessive is bad.

According to Brown University, black and green teas both average 40 mg of caffeine per cup. For coffee, the amount of brewed coffee is 100 – 200 milligrams per cup, and instant coffee 27-173 milligrams per cup. The Mayo clinic, a non profit medical practice and research group, says that up to 400 milligrams of caffeine a day appears to be safe for most healthy adults. That means, it is safe to drink 10 cup tea a day or four cups of brewed coffee.

Besides it is safe, drink coffee and tea in a normal dose everyday also have some benefits. Coffee can improve energy levels, help to burn fat, improve physical performance, protect from alzeimer’ disease and dementia, lower risk of type II diabetes, and make feel happier. For tea, may reduce risk of heart attack and stroke, help weight lose, protect bones, help battle cancer, and soothe the digestive system.

It is clear, drink coffee and tea too much is bad for our health, it will cause some side effects. Thus, in a normal dose, drink coffee and tea everyday is safe to our body, moreover it can make our body healthier.