Malin Kundang Stone by People

Once upon a time, there was a young lived in West Sumatra named Malin Kundang. He lived with a poor fisherman family. His father went to sea to make a living for his family and he never came back to home. People made an issue about his father’s death. This issue made his mother anxious every day.

Several months later, his mother chose to forget about his father. She realized that she had to work hard. She did a lot of works all day and night. Unfortunately, she still didn’t get enough money for her family.

Malin couldn’t stand with his mother’s suffering. He decided to go sailing and made money. He wanted to become a rich man so he could help his mother. “Mother, what if I sail overseas?” asked Malin Kundang one day to his mother. Her mother didn’t agree but Malin Kundang had made up his mind. “Mother, if I stay here, I’ll always be a poor man. I want to be a successful person,” urged Malin kundang. His mother wiped her tears, “If you really want to go, I can’t stop you. I could only pray to God for you to gain success in life,” said his mother wisely. “But, promise me, you’ll come home.”

Several years later, he became a rich sailor. He had many ships and crews. He was married with a beautiful girl and had three children.

Every morning, she stood on the pier. She wished to see the ship that brought Malin kundang home. Every day and night, she prayed to the God for her son’s safety. There was so much prayer that had been said due to her deep love for Malin Kundang. Even though it’s been a year she had not heard any news from Malin Kundang, she kept waiting and praying for him.

One day, he had a business in an island which is his hometown. In this island he met an old lady. She hugged Malin very tightly. However, Malin scolded and pushed her. He realized that old woman is his mother. But, he was afraid if his wife and children knew about his mother. . “Malin, you’re back, son!” said Malin Kundang’s mother and without hesitation, she came running to hug Malin Kundang, “I miss you so much.” But, Malin Kundang didn’t show any respond. He was ashamed to admit his own mother in front of his beautiful wife. “You’re not my Mother. I don’t know you. My mother would never wear such ragged and ugly clothes,” said Malin Kundang as he release his mother embrace. Malin Kundang ignored his mother and ordered the ship crews to set sail. Malin Kundang’s mother sat alone in the pier. Her heart was so hurt, she cried and cried. “Dear God, if he isn’t my son, please let him have a save journey. But if he is, I cursed him to become a stone,” she prayed to the God.

On the sea, the sky instanly overcast. Heavy lighting and rain was failing. Their ship hit the rocks and crashed. Malin swayed to the shore. The magic happened. He turned into stone liked her mother wish.


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